Case Study - Pure Gym

Pure Gym corporate video productionCompany Background

PURE GYM is a multinational gym corporation, with branches throughout the U.K, and a Sheffield branch, near the rail station. Its concept is 24/7 opening hours, the latest gym equipment, and no contract for members.


Pure Gym's Challenge

Pure Gym "wanted to put together a promotional video for our club that showcased on a visual scale what we were all about."

Blackbird North's Solution

Blackbird North Films delivered the ideal film to match the needs of Pure Gym as follows

  • Consultation with gym staff and clients at every step
  • During filming, staff & clients were made to feel at ease
  • After editing, a rough draft was shown to staff for approval
In Conclusion

I spoke to Johanna Brogan, the gym manager at Sheffield Pure Gym shortly after the film had been completed, on how the film matched their needs. Here's what she had to say.

"It's hard to capture the culture & community of club though visual aid, but Blackbird North Films did just that and a little more. The process was fun for all the staff and we couldn't wait to see the end result. Once Blackbird North Films had finished the whole production and put together the footage I have to say we were all amazed with the outcome. It was exactly what we were looking for. I will always be a fan of Blackbird North Films."