BROTHERS LTD – PROMOTIONAL FILM (Length: 4 minutes.30 seconds) (Blackbird North Films: Directed & Produced by Graeme Benson) (Introduction) The film works on a number of levels. Firstly it is presented in advertisement form. The first two minutes is a slick presentation of the company and its products, highlighting the firm’s ethos, the skill of the craftsmen and women as well as its tradition. This culminates with the company’s products on display. On another level, the film also goes deeper, and captures the spirit which underpins the Pinder Brothers company. This is realized through personal narratives. In short, this means, featuring two workers, Lol, and Roy Deakin. This humanity is also suggested through the connection between past and present. For instance, the juxtaposition between past and present photographs, in a sense, tries to keep alive the spirit of past workers through the maintenance of similar working practices today. Finally, we at Blackbird North Films, hope you, your staff, and hopefully, customers viewing your website will enjoy this film, as we have enjoyed making this film very much, and thank you for your cooperation.